Jordan Smith, a trendy and highly-esteemed artist, creator, and entrepreneur recently launched a new line of jewelry for Taly Diamonds. Taly Diamonds has been one of the world’s largest diamond cutters and traders for years, and the company shines just as bright as its jewels. With its state of the art/technologically advanced manufacturing facilities, Taly Diamonds is a prestigious supplier to the world’s high-end jewelry brands, as the company both distributes diamonds and sells custom jewelry. Taly Diamonds spreads its wings worldwide, expanding to offices around the world. The company has offices in Israel, NY, and more. Their global presence is strong, and Taly Diamonds is frequently lauded for its ability to service retailers and jewelers worldwide. By working with Taly Diamonds, Smith is able to create his pieces for a better price than anyone else, due to Taly Diamonds’ mine ownership and ability to get to the diamonds first.

Jordan Smith is jumping into the company at a point when its fabric is woven tightly with experience, history, and success. Taly Diamonds was founded in 1967 by Josef Tugeman. Over the years, Taly Diamonds has worked closely with a myriad of jewelry brands, retailers, and dealers. Building off of this vast experience, Taly Diamonds is now especially talented and trained in fulfilling their client’s wishes and even surpassing their expectations. This makes the company ripe for Jordan Smith’s new line.

Smith’s new line is composed of gold and silver pieces, and unique, stunning designs. His guitar pic line is an especially bold and original collection. For instance, one design (“Getting Lost”) has a striking engravement of outer space on the front, complemented with a starry thunderstorm on the back. Another engravement reads “Love Me” in the front and “Use Me” on the back. This entire line is especially attractive those seeking a blend of beauty, angst (hence the guitar pic), and intricately crafted designs. The guitar pic line merges these seemingly distinct categories beautifully.

Smith also launched an extremely intricate lion collection, sizes ranging from micro to small to medium to large. There is incredibly strong attention to detail here, and the beauty jumps off the piece. The back reads “King of the Jungle” or “Queen of the Jungle.” Smith also released a line of rings, containing simple yet gorgeous designs around the rim, and the words “Fuck You” engraved around the edges. This piece is yet another perfect blend of daintiness and confidence. Other designs include a jeweled Hamsa with the phrase “good luck” dispersed around the edges and an artistically strong mushroom necklace. Smith’s designs are unique, exciting, prestigious, and perfectly in line with the customer-pleasing history of Taly Diamonds.